Although we have grown accustomed to the harpsichord as the Baroque keyboard instrument of choice, 18th century connoisseurs preferred the smaller clavichord for home entertainment. Benjamin Steens challenges our listening habits by performing the Goldberg Variations on the clavichord, and demonstrating that – despite its delicacy – the instrument does full justice to Bach’s intimacy and the dazzling architecture of his music.


J.S. Bach. Goldberg Variations On Clavichord

Troisième mouvement de la Sonate pour traverso et clavier, BWV 1020, par J-A Bresch (Traverso) et B-J Steens (Clavicorde). The third movement from the Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord, BWV 1020, by Johann Sebastian Bach Performed by the French flutist Jacques-Antoine Bresch and the Belgian clavichord player and organist Benjamin-Joseph Steens. Clavichord build by Joris Potvlieghe in 1987. Recording made in the 'orangerie' from the castle of Freyr (Belgium) Filmed by EXQI-culture and Steven Maes for EPR-classic

En public et en l'Eglise St-François de Lausanne le 8 mai, interprétation à l'orgue par Benjamin Alard, Benjamin Righetti et Benjamin Steens, de l'oeuvre de Johann Sebastian Bach.
Diffusion dans "Disques en lice" le 12 mai 2014.
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